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Roxanich connects like-minded individuals. Originality, creativity, strong work ethic and fearlessness are among the traits that define the entrepreneurial spirit driving the members of the ROX community.

Connected by Roxanich

The members of the ROX community are hospitality innovators - people with outside-the-box thinking and unique ideas ready to immerse guests in the local scene.

Creators of
the Roxanich Experiences

Live your very own adventure by opening your mind and senses and discovering the Roxanich wine labels paired with the best local cuisine. Throughout the world, the members of the ROX community are driven by a passion to deliver a wholly unique Roxanich experience for their guests.

Chef at Work

Hospitality Innovators

The members of ROX community are global innovative thinkers, but also local creatives who show exceptional dedication and commitment to the hospitality industry, whose restaurants, wine shops and cafes become community gathering spots.

The Common Resemblance

Each member of the ROX community is, by definition, profoundly intelligent and independent. They are open-minded, ready to taste and create something different and wishing to form their own, highly informed and cultivated opinion about natural winemaking, and discover new frontiers in life as ultimate expressions of personal freedom.

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Marina Novigrad.jpg

"We are more determined than ever to continue in our uncompromised approach defined by the availability of fresh ingredients from the Adriatic Sea, combined with the daily inspiration of the chef and the sommelier, without having previously defined our menu."

Marina Gaši

Marina, Novigrad, Croatia,

a Member of Roxanich Community

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