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At its core, it is a gently subdued form of delicious decadence. Sitting comfortably, with a perfectly chilled glass of Mirna Sauvignon Blanc in your hand, take the time to unwind and ease into the moment.


Wine Tasting

The wine tasting tour is an enjoyable learning experience that will take you through the entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our cellar is located inside the hill, directly beneath the hotel. Each of its four levels is dedicated to a certain part of the winemaking process – vinification and maceration, ageing, and archiving. Awaiting at the finish is the tasting room, where you get to experience the final result - five selected ROXANICH wine labels with a finger food. Taste, experience and indulge.

Price: 43 EUR per person

Gourmet Dining 

Enjoy a unique dinner menu and delight your palate with the rich culinary heritage of this part of the world. Serving classics to perfection, with an incredible range of selected wines, our restaurant preserves the history of this picturesque town and local ingredients.

Price: 190 EUR for two persons
The experience includes: 
- Welcome drink 
- Five-course dinner menu for two persons 
- Pairing each course with selected Roxanich wine 


Art Experience by Petra Rožanić 

Opt for an exclusive and unforgettable experience of art and wine tasting. Academic painter Petra Rožanić will stimulate your creativity and guide you step by step from a blank canvas to the real piece of art. No special skills or previous knowledge is needed. Bring just a good mood and explore the ROXANICH world of art, love, friendship and wine.

Choose between the "Art & Wine" and "Paint with Wine" experiences. Price from 150 EUR per person.

Relaxing Massage

Step into an atmosphere of absolute indulgence, designed to make your stay at the Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel a welcome respite from your day-to-day routine. Make an appointment for a massage and enjoy a high quality of individualized approach and treatments with experienced masseur or masseuse.

Price: from 30 EUR / 30 min 

Roxanich 2020 - Foto Dean Dubokovic-344.jpg

Truffle Hunting 

Not far from the Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel rests the Motovun Forest. A forest known for its gourmet gem, the truffle. Truffle hunting is an educational course that teaches all about this underground mushroom, how to find it, dig it up and, ultimately, prepare it for dining. The hunting is led by professional truffle growers using trained dogs.


Private tour (2-4 persons) 145 EUR per person 
Group tour (2-10 persons) 95 EUR per person 

Vintage Defender Tour

Explore the beautiful landscapes of central Istria from a refurbished Land Rover Defender. Visit the museum in Livade, taste home-made honey and meet one of the best producers of extra virgin olive oil in Istria.


Accompanied by our guide, get to
know the rich history of hidden gems of the Motovun region and enjoy a delicious picnic before sunset on the slopes of the Mirna River valley.


2 - 4 persons / adults 150 EUR, children 110 EUR 
5 - 12 persons / adults and children 110 EUR 


Private Speed Boat Tour

Conquer the waves off the Adriatic Sea and take a dip in the pristine waters of the beautiful Istrian coast. Book a private speed boat tour and visit Poreč, Vrsar, Rovinj, the Lim Fjord Natural Park and the pirate cave.


One of the highlights of the tour is probably the panoramic view of Rovinj Old town from the sea and the lovely dolphins that we can often see during the day.


You will have free time to stroll along the streets in Vrsar and Rovinj or just enjoy a day on the sea, swimming, relaxing...

Price: from 858 EUR per tour

Active Sailing with
Petra Kliba 

Experience the freedom of active sailing along the beautiful Istrian coast with sailor Petra Kliba, who has sailed around the world and crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times. Please note this is a unique sailing experience for sea adventurers and sports enthusiasts.


April, May, October: 350 EUR per tour 
June, September: 400 EUR per tour 
July, August: 470 EUR per tour 
Duration: 5 - 6 h 

My Way Pulska2023_8.jpeg
ZipLine_photo 2.jpg

Zip-Line Pazinska Jama 

If you are a fan of adrenaline, zip-line Pazinska jama in the central Istria is the right place for you. Hole of Pazin Cave is situated below the 100-meter-high cliffs. Zip-line is a steel line between two points of different heights along which you descend downhill at a speed of up to 50 km/h. A pulley and mountaineering equipment are provided. There are two steel lines above the hole. The first is 220 meters long, and the second one 280 meters. After the ride, you walk back along a 160-meter-long path to the starting point.

Min. 5 persons in the period 01.10 - 30.04. 
Groups of 15+ persons by special request
Price: 22 EUR per person 

Parenzana Bike Experience

An all-day cycling experience intended for everyone who wants to enjoy quality recreation time with their friends or family. Rent a MTN or E-bike, or opt for a guided tour with E-bike and enjoy a sports day.


You will ride a bike on the most popular cycling trail in lstria. Parenzana is a railway that in 1938 connected Poreč and other lstrian towns with Trieste. The trail is easy and not demanding. The base of the trail consists of macadam, earth and asphalt. Riding through the green interior of lstria is further immersed with beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Full-day rental per bike: MTN bike 30 EUR, E-bike 50 EUR
Guided tour with E-bike (4 - 10 persons): 95 EUR per person

zelena istra bike.jpg
Roxanich 2020 - Foto Dean Dubokovic-303 copy.jpg

Walking Tour to Motovun

Get to know Motovun with a private guide who will reveal all the legends and history of this medieval town. Take a walk through the charming streets and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Motovun Forest and the Mirna River valley.


72 EUR per person 
160 EUR per group of 3-10 persons 

Hum & AurA

Visit Hum, the smallest city in the world, and enjoy a brandy tasting. Take a walk through this beautiful town, meet cheerful inhabitants and visit the museum situated in the oldest house in Hum. Accompanied by educated guide, discover how people used to live there and what they did. The museum consists of 1500 exhibits, carefully arranged in 11 themed rooms.  

Price: 44 EUR per person 
The price includes: 
- Tour of the museum 
- Filling your own 0.1 l bottle of bisque from the barrel
- Tasting of different brandies in the old distillery, the Distillery bar AurA and the AurA shop Hum

Aura photo 3.jpg

Gin Making Workshop

Destilerija Aura is a family distillery in Istria. The distillery launched Gin Karbun in 2017, which has awarded major international awards in a very short time. The gin's name, meaning 'Carbon', refers to the process of the gin being filtered through activated carbon before bottling, inspired by the Ćićarija area which is known for producing coal and charcoal, as well as the place where only natural ingredients used for Gin Karbun grow.

Price: 88 EUR per person 

AurA Tasting

The Aura destilerija is dedicated to the production of exclusive traditional products such as brandies, jams and other autochthonous products made of wild herbs and fruits picked in a clean environment at the slopes of the mountain Ćićarija. The visitors can see and experience the entire production process - from fruit fermentation, distillation, fruit maceration, brandy aging, all the way to filling, labeling and packaging, and taste 3 types of brandy and a salty plate.

Price: 16 EUR per person 

Aura photo 1.jpg
Ipša_photo uljara.jpg

Olive Oil Tasting

Visit the best producers of olive oil in Istria and taste an indispensable superfood of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Istria has been declared the best extra virgin olive oil region in the world for the seventh year in a row by leading guide Flos Olei. After the guided tours in the oil mill, visitors will have the opportunity to taste olive oils, enjoy wine and snacks, sightseeing and walking through the local olive groves where from the prized oil comes.

Choose between the Ipša and Chiavalon tasting experience.

Price: from 28 EUR per person

Goat Cheese Tasting

​A day out built around fresh goat products on a goat farm Kumparička. Organic and unpasteurised goat cheese of the highest quality is produced on the east coast of Istria, where 250 goats graze on ecologically clean pastures all year round. Activities include a basic course on goats and goat-breeding, leading goats to graze in nearby fields, milking goats, a tour of a small private cheese factory and tasting various products made from domestic goat’s milk. Relax and let the peace of the goats relieve you of all worries!


Cheese tasting 35 EUR per person
Cheese tasting with hot meal 52 EUR per person 

Kumparička photo 2.jpg

Fresh Oysters & Roxanich Bubbles

Tony’s Oyster Shack is a seafood and shellfish farm located on a small pier in the Lim Bay. Because of its authentic look and the freshest clams that come straight out of the sea for you, the farm becomes a part of TV shows almost every year, attracting reporters and guests from all over the world. The house specialty is fresh oysters in lemon and homemade olive oil, which have been traditionally grown here for more than 15 years.


Opt for the boat ride to the farm and enjoy Roxanich sparkling wine combined with 24 fresh oysters, or just experience wine tasting combined with 6 fresh oysters.

Price: from 60 EUR per person

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