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Our Menu

Turbulent historical movements dating from Venetians, Napoleon’s soldiers and Austro-Hungarians left us with a local cuisine rich with international influences that with time became our own.

In its core, Istrian cuisine is cucina povera – simple, honest, based on seasonal and artisanal produce.

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We source fresh seasonal produce from local farmers, growers and artisans, keeping our food value chain as short as possible.


We wanted to leave you with as much freedom possible in creating your perfect Istrian dining experience, so it is up to you to choose your own favorite combinations of paste & sughi as well as secondi & contorni.

Our pasta is fatta in casa e a mano - hand-made in house, featuring both traditional and international shapes, meat is of Croatian origin and fish is from the Adriatic. We take our food very seriously and make no compromise on that subject.

Our menu is carefully prepared, focusing on our local cuisine and traditional Istrian specialties where you can choose between different menu options from vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or if you have other preferences our chef will happily recommend you a special combination with the ingredients of your choice.

We suggest you choose 3 to 4 courses in order to best understand our culinary philosophy. Wine pairing is highly recommended.

Our staff will assist you in every way to make this dining experience as memorable as possible. 

Our restaurant is open every day from Tuesday to Thursday and on Sunday from 12:00h- 16:00h and from 18:00h-21:00h. From Friday to Saturday from 12:00h- 16:00h and from 18:00h-22:00h. 

Reservations required.

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